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05 October 2022
Founder & Creator | The Possibility Hub

Carol Talbot

When Carol speaks, people listen, laugh and learn… and walk across burning hot coals!

What gives Carol a “buzz” is to make you think and feel differently…to experience the world differently. She has an ability to see a deeper perspective within each person that allows the process of growth and expansion an easier and more joyful dance. Known as the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) expert in the Middle East, Carol utilizes its many tools and techniques to create rapid shifts, as well as breakthrough experiences, such as fire-walking… one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools.

As a seeker, learner and explorer Carol has traveled extensively.  She holds a Bachelor-Level in Quantum Morphogenetic Science and is currently on the Masters program with the BioRegenesis University. She is also a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe.

Author of Amazon International Best-seller, YOU the Divine Genius and the Founder & Creator of The Possibility Hub, her passion is to guide YOU to move in a direction that maybe you’ve not gone before. An opportunity to expand your awareness, consciousness, heart and mind… to step into a fuller focus of who YOU are.