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05 October 2022
General Manager | Miracles Wellness Center

Hiba Mehanna

With over a decade of experience working with mental health and wellbeing my most rewarding role has been my current role as the General Manager of Miracles Wellness Center in Dubai. This position has allowed me to use my education in the field of psychotherapy and also my core beliefs around the importance of healing, towards helping others in a healthy holistic way.

My education is vast in terms of wellness, I have a degree in counselling and coaching, a post graduate diploma in neuropsychology, certificates in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, brain basics and I am currently studying a Masters of Neuroscience.

I believe it is of the utmost importance to have an in-depth understanding of the mind, its connection to our body, our actions and our environment. In order to truly resolve the root cause of any issue self-awareness is key. This means looking inward to our true self, our child self, and acknowledging the parts of us that have been hidden and forgotten.

To change habits, become less stressed, resolve anxiety and the list goes on, we need to put the spotlight on the potency of what it means to be a well-being. This is essential in all aspects of our lives and it can be life changing when consistently made the focus.

It is my aim to create a space where-by others feel they are safe to explore their authenticity, learn new ways of being, and become the best version of themselves.